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Private Lessons
Private Lessons are the most efficient and effective way to learn partner dancing skills. Get individualized attention for yourself or you and a partner for 55 minutes. Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience, will proceed at your pace, and can cover any dance subject you choose. Unlike other forms of dance in which you are working with your body in time and space, partner dancing is complicated by that additional body-your partner's. This is what makes partner dancing so interesting ... and so challenging. Lead and follow skills are at the center of partner dancing, yet they are the most invisible and elusive skills to see and develop. This is why individual instruction early on from an experienced partner dancer makes all the difference when learning partner dance.
In large group instruction settings, the scenario for neophyte dancers usually unfolds something like this: The men have no idea what the word "lead" means as they are absorbed in the more elementary task of ungluing their feet from the floor and sorting out which one is which. The ladies decide to lead themselves rather than standing around for eternity waiting for a lead that never comes. By the time the men start trying to lead the ladies, the ladies are in the habit of moving before they've felt the lead. Then the men start shoving and pushing the ladies so that they feel like their "leading" is producing some effects. Then the ladies complain that the men are too rough ...
Avoid the hassle. Start with private lessons or split the cost with a friend. Private lessons are 55 minutes long and cost $65 per session (couple or single).

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